Who We Are

We are a consulting firm based out of greater Boston, MA. Our vision is to create differentiated value by providing our expert knowledge that will empower people and businesses to work towards a sustainable future. Our focus is around helping small and large enterprises with various business, technology, transformation and general strategy – along with management, leadership and human resource consulting needs.

Human Resources

Understanding the need of the business and optimizing the job requirements to the right talent for the right position, being intuitive, insightful, and empathetic is our forte. Whether helping with the compliance or employee relations and succession mapping. We are there to consult and strategies with businesses regarding human capital.

Business Strategy

We work with different scales of enterprises in tactical planning at both business and organizational levels.  We collaborate with key leaders within the client’s organization, to evaluate the current business, determine the strategic direction, and thereafter lay out a roadmap of strategic initiatives with directions and guidance for proper execution.

Digital Transformation

With our year-long expertise in the digital transformation and innovation field, we have formed a framework that analyzes the current digital maturity of an organization. With 360-degree insights into the digital trends and emerging innovations of the said industry, we work with the organization to map the strategy of its digital footprint for the next 5 to 10 years.


We help businesses to grow by putting together a detailed and actionable digital marketing strategy based on the objectives of the business. Whether it's to drive the sales or set the right KPIs to measure or enhance the brand value, we guide businesses in making the right actions for the desired and measurable results powered by a comprehensive analysis of various data.

How we work.

1 OwlTree consists of a group of Strategy Business experts and practitioners to help companies, transmit best practices, build skills and collaborate with business owners and market units to build market strategies. Companies that grow but don’t get what they want to know how to build a professional sales and marketing organization, so they seek help and decide to partner with OwlTree.

2 While the core framework is helpful for answering specific types of cases, it depends on the nature of the case. In reality, there are very few cases, interviews or real business situations that cover only one concept or business problem so you have the flexibility to apply a range of concepts; for example, a company launching a new product may need market size analysis, competitive analysis, or understanding key customer segments.

3 The High Impact Business Development Framework for firms is based on the core concepts of competence marketing and value-oriented sales, with which you can expand your customer base over time. The framework is a three-dimensional approach that includes unique content , a direct sales process and structured customer recommendations to create new growth opportunities.